Does Apollo have contact management?

Yes. Every Apollo workspace has an advanced Contact list, which can be seen by every internal user (users belonging to the main company in the workspace).

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Does Apollo offer contact tracking abilities?

Yes. Users with contact tracking abilities have access to extra features related to contacts. They can:

  • Attach notes to contacts
  • Mark important dates for contacts (shared by all users with Advanced Contacts functions)
  • Have tasks associated to contacts
  • Have tasks associated to notes on contacts (or “follow ups”).
  • Work with cases and deals

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How many people can be enabled for contact tracking?

It depends on the plan you are on.

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Is Apollo a full-on CRM?

No, Apollo is not a full CRM and it doesn’t claim to be. However, Apollo allows you to track contacts and to have your contacts tightly integrated with your projects.

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What are cases and deals?

They are a very important parts of the Contacts side of Apollo. Basically, with cases you can make sure that a bunch of messages, contacts, files etc, are all grouped under one heading.

For example, if you are thinking about buying a company car, you could create a case called “Buying a company car”, and make sure that any comment related to that topic is filed under that case (as well as having file attachments etc.).

Deals are very similar to cases, with extra information: with deals you can decide how much a deal is worth, and see if you “won it” or “lost it” (and keep comments, file attachments etc. associated to each deal in one convenient spot).

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How can I merge tags?

Tags cannot be really merged. You can, however, add a new tag to contacts with the original tag, then delete the latter.

To do that, follow these steps:

  1. Open the contact list and click the Tags button.
  2. Select your first tag (e.g.: Tag 1) to filter contacts.
  3. Click the checkbox near any contact, then click Select all; if contacts spans multiple pages, also click Select all of your contacts.
  4. Add the new tag (e.g.: Tag 2) in the tag textbox, then click Add.
  5. Go to Settings > Tag management, click on the original tag (Tag 1), then click Delete this tag.

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How do I export contacts?

Just open the contact list and click Export all contacts you see here in CSV format to download a CSV file with all your contacts. Any active contact list filter (by field, by tag, etc.) will be applied to the export as well

If you’re exporting a large number of contacts, your request will be placed on a queue. When done, you’ll receive an email with a link to download the resulting CSV file.

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