What is Apollo?

Apollo is the next-generation online application that allows you to keep your working and personal life under control. With Apollo never, ever miss out on a work deadline or a personal appointment. You can see exactly what is going on, so that you can focus on what really counts: getting things done.

With Apollo, you are also able to see clearly what you are achieving, keeping an history of what you completed and – if you want – how long it took you to do so.

In short, with Apollo you get everything done, the easy way.

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What is an Apollo workspace?

A Workspace is a domain name (for example http://mycompany.apollohq.com) which will run Apollo: it will contain your tasks, your calendar, your contacts, and the projects you are actively working on (each one then containing their milestones, tasks, files, and so on).

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What is an Applicom account?

An Applicom account is a login/password pair which you can use to access one or more Apollo workspaces. This is possible because when somebody invites you to work with his or her Apollo workspace, you can join them using your existing Apollo login/password.

This means that you won’t have to use different accounts to access different Apollo workspaces you work on: you will be able to use your account for all of them.

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Why is Apollo different to other project management programs?

Apollo is different to other similar products as it has a unified and integrated approach to project and contact management.

Apollo’s goal is to simplify people’s (working and personal) lives. To do this, we feel that it’s paramount to unify managing projects, contacts, calendars, personal tasks, etc. in one powerful workspace. This differs to our competitors who tend to offer several separate applications (Project management, Contacts, etc.) which don’t communicate between each other (well, not easily anyway).

With Apollo, you won’t waste time coordinating different applications: you will use an amazingly fast workspace where everything is shared instantly.

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Does Apollo cover both project management and contact tracking?

Yes. You don’t have to buy two different products: Apollo offers a powerful project management system, great contact tracking abilities, and a calendar – and they are all totally, fully integrated. If a project you are working on has a milestone, you will see it on your calendar. If you create a task associated with a contact, that task will also be in your calendar. Everything works seamlessly together.

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