What is the difference between a personal task and a project task?

A personal task is your own. You are the only person able to see it – unless you delegate it to somebody else (in which case, it will also be visible to the person responsible for it).

Project tasks are always associated to a project, and can be seen by anybody who can access that project.

If a personal task has a deadline, it will appear both in the calendar of the person responsible for it, and in the calendar of the person who created it.

If a project task has a deadline, it will appear just in the calendar of the person responsible for it.

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What is a task list?

Project tasks are always part of a task list; this is a fantastic way of grouping project tasks together.

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Can personal tasks be grouped like project tasks?

No. while project tasks have to be part of a task list, personal tasks cannot be grouped. They are just meant to be quick tasks belonging to a user – and maybe delegated to somebody else in the company.

If you feel the need to group your personal tasks, you can simply create your own Apollo project (if you are an admin) or your own Apollo workspace (if you are not an admin). You will want to do this only if you have a lot of personal tasks!

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What is a milestone?

A milestone is a landmark in your project that is reached once all of the task lists associated to it are fully done.

For example, if you have two task lists called “Fix car dents” and “repaint car”, you might decide that once every task in those lists is finished, you have reached the milestone “Exterior part of the car is fixed”. You could then have more task lists like “Fix the seats” and “Change the carpet”, etc., which will then be associated to another milestone called “Interior part of the car is fixed”.

You can see milestones as goals that you want to achieve in order to complete your project.

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Does Apollo send an email reminder before a milestone is due?

Yes, a milestone can be set so that it will send you a reminder 48 hours before it’s due – just tick the box E-mail 48 hours before it's due.

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Can I set dates for tasks?

Yes. Each task can have a date by which it needs to be completed. Note that newly created tasks will appear in the calendar of the person responsible of completing it.

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Can I set dates for task lists?

No. Task lists are just a way to group project tasks. However, task lists can be linked to a milestone, which will obviously have a deadline.

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Are subtasks supported?

Yes, tasks can be split into smaller ones. Unlike other project management software, which just offer a simple checklist, every subtask in Apollo is a full-blown task with a responsible, priority, due date, attachments, and all other goodies.

Each subtask, in turn, can have its own subtask up to 3 levels deep.

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Can I set relationships and dependencies between tasks?

Yes, you can specify task precedence in relation to other tasks by setting up the task dependencies. Apollo will prevent tasks to being marked as started or completed if any precursor dependency is still unmet.

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