Does Apollo support custom domains?

Yes, we support custom domain for all workspaces on the Plus, Premium and Max plans.

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How do I setup the custom domain for my Apollo workspace?

It’s really easy.

Step 1: Configure the DNS of your domain by creating a CNAME record that points to your Apollo URL

Example: if your Apollo URL is and your desired custom domain URL is, you will create a CNAME record projects which points to

This operation is usually done on the control panel from the company you registered your domain with (e.g.: GoDaddy, or Dreamhost,, etc.)

Step 2: Verify that the CNAME is working

You can check by pointing your browser to your custom domain URL, you will see a success message when your DNS configuration is ready to go. This change can take anywhere from 5 minutes to a few hours and it’s outside of our control; if you think you’re waiting too much, contact your domain registrar or DNS provider.

Step 3: Update your Apollo workspace settings

Login into, click on Set a custom domain name, fill the entry field with your custom domain name (e.g.: hostname and save.

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Can I use SSL on a custom doman?

No, custom domains are accessible only via HTTP, not HTTPS.

If you access your custom domain via HTTPS, you’ll receive a warning from your browser.

It’s a technical limitation we can’t avoid because we don’t have a valid SSL certificate for your custom domain.

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With a custom domain set, can I still access my workspace at

Yes! When you setup a custom domain, you can still access your workspace using the former URL (, so all the previous links you sent out to your workmates are still valid.

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