Once you create a task, it appears on screen, and looks like this:

Depending on what you set and what type of task you’re looking at, it will have a few different interface elements, some of which are interactive and some not:

  1. The status checkbox: it shows the different task statuses as “Not started” (empty box), “Started” (box with a dot) and “Completed” (box with a tick).
  2. The responsible, if set.
  3. The description (which links to the task’s detail page) followed by…
  4. …a link to show/hide the extended description (if present).
  5. Various informations about the task (priority, estimated time, etc.).
  6. The due date, which can be clicked to change it on the fly.
  7. The subtask icon, which shows if there any subtasks for this particular task and allows to show or hide them.
  8. The clock icon, which shows if you logged time to this particular task.
  9. The bubble icon, which shows if comments have been added. A red bubble icon signal that there are unread comments.

A task can be modified anytime to change its description, responsible, priority, etc.

To edit a task

  1. Move your mouse pointer over the task you wish to edit until you see the popup buttons appear.
  2. Click the Edit button.
  3. Make all the necessary changes.
  4. Click Save changes.

Changing a task’s status

A task can have three possible statuses: “Not started”, “Started” and “Completed”. To mark a task as “Completed”, just click the small checkbox on the left of the task description. Depending on the filtering settings in the current view (more on this later), once a task is completed, it gets hidden from the current view. You can find a list of the task you completed in the “My completed tasks” tab inside “My Tasks”.

If you wish, you can mark a task as “Started”, to let your coworkers know that it is something you’re looking after at the moment. Just click the checkbox while holding the Shift key on the keyboard to mark the task as “Started”. Do it again to mark it as “Not started”.

Quickly changing a task’s due date

If set, the due date is shown on the task itself, and it acts as a shortcut to change it quickly. Just click it and select a different due date from the popup menu.

Logging time on a task

By clicking the clock icon you can see the total time you already spent on the task, add more time or start a new timer attached to it.

Read more: Time Tracking guide

Previewing comments

The bubble icon shows if comments have been added, but can be also used to preview them. Just move your mouse pointer over it to display a popup with the latest comments. Clicking the icon will take you to the full discussion.

Getting detailed information about a task

Each task has its own page, accessed by clicking the task description. This page shows the comments from all the users that can see the task itself, the time logged on that task, the task history and the details like who created it and when, when it was last modified and by who and where is the task located.